A few weeks ago I wiped my vagina and had a light green discharge. It went away for a month i didn't see it at all. then It ended up returning worse and it was accompanied with white discharge too. It's either white or light green. So when it returned I went to my gyno and she examined me and took a swab. She looked at it under the microscope. She said she saw no signs of infection. She also looked for trichomonas and none were found. This is actually the fourth time I had a swab looking for trichomonas. It has never been identified. She said all that she found was a small amount of yeast. She gave me fluconazole rather known as diflucan. I was told take one 150mg pill and four days later take the next 150mg pill I took it yesterday, and today when going to the bathroom i noticed the green discharge is back heavy. I haven't seen it for about a week. it comes and goes. it has no smell. It is thick and cottage cheese like. Is it showing again because the medication is working? Please someone help me to understand what is happening to me. I want to know if it's normal for a yeast infection to be green. I've never had green in my yeast infections before. But she looked at it under the microscope and found no infection only yeast. And a small amount. Someone help.