... around 2 years ago they diagnosed me with pericarditis at Basildon hospital but when I went to another hospital for a second opinion the Dr said it was defiantly not pericarditis so was gave mixed signals the pain eased after a few months and i could start going back to a normal life playing sports and working ect but it never completely went and upto a few weeks ago it's came back and it's very painful, my symptoms are I get chest pains on my left side feels like my heart is getting squeezed pains go into my right arm and back and sometimes spreads to my neck, shortness of breath and when I eat certain foods or drinks the pain can get worse forget about smoking had to quit and I get very light headed!! I'm 24 and been living with this pain for 2 years so if anyone gets similar please tell me cause Drs can not find the problem and it makes me feel 100 times worse not knowing what it is, my gp is no help at all he just says its anxiety which it may well be but Its constant pain and I have nothing to be anxious about have a great gf a good job no real worries in my life at all great friends and family but at the same time I feel like no1 can help me as they just don't understand my pains thanks Tommy