Hi I'm a 27 year old woman . When I first found out I had Graves' disease I also found out I was pregnant with my son referred to specialist and medication and monitoring started immediately . After giving birth to my son with no complications and a healthy baby my thyroid function persisted back to normal a year later and my specialist stopped my meds that felt great . Until a month ago .. I had no idea what was wrong with me i couldn't breath properly I had chest pains no energy heart rate of 120 problems swollowing went to emergency and found out my thyroid was going nuts again and it's levels were 79.0 which a normal thyroid is usually around 19.0 or less . Now that I have started meds I am feeling fantastic again though my specialist still recommends getting it removed but I'm not sure I want to I don't want to gain lots of weight and I want to have another baby next year so I'm not sure what to do ? I also work every week and do not really want to take much time of ! So my question is if the medication works why do I need to consider surgery ? And if u had surgery how did it go and would u do it again ?