I was assaulted by a coworker on the 8 of June 2016, and almost immediately lost interest in my work and the activities i enjoyed doing, also being fearful, unable to sleep and no appetite, sexual desire too. Six days later i was see by a Psychiatrist who side that i was experiencing Acute Stress Disorder and for a period of two week was assessing me via a depression scale. then I was diagnosed with MDD and he prescribed Prozac 20 mg daily for 3 months. On the 22nd of June 2016, I began the treatment and on the 28th at my scheduled visit to the psychiatric nurse I told her that I observed tremors to my hands. In fact the Psychiatrist told me that the benefits of Prozac will take 4-6 weeks to manifest.

But instead I was experiencing a worsening of the symptoms, I experienced after the assault. But now dry mouth, nausea and vomiting, constipation, weight loss, etc, began. And I experienced my first panic attack days before the 23rd of July (this date was my first worst- crying, rapid breathing, numb feeling to hands and legs, rigidity of limbs, then uncontrolled shaking of limbs especially ). I was diagnosed with Anxiety attack secondary to Post Traumatic event., treated with Ativan 1 mg for one week.
Nausea and vomiting got worst. But I was advised to continue taking Prozac as prescribed.

The Psychiatrist finial returned on the 30th of August and I was seen by him and the medication was stopped abruptly, which I did.
My concerns though are that my hands still shake, and the nausea and or accompanied by vomiting has continued to date...
Before the ordeal I weighed 125 lbs and yesterday my last check is 106 pounds.

What do you recommend? And shouldn't one be gradually taken off Prozac?