At the 2nd week point, I noticed a very slight lift in my mood, followed by a couple days of feeling notable better- then I got my period (day 17 or so into my bupropion use) and BAM... extreme depression, dizzy, anxious, confused. Is this typical for the onset to be so varied?

A couple other questions while I'm at it! :)
1. Once you started to feel things get a bit better, how long did it take you about to feel like you reached maximum efficacy? Was it gradddual over weeks, a month, or was it just days?

2. Has anyone ever felt it was necessary to DECREASE their dose once they got better, and how did that go for you? I'm at 300 XL, but my hope is that with therapy, sorting through some medical problems (I have a mysterious vertigo issue) that trigger my anxiety, I might be able to lower my dose. I fear that I will become dependent.

3. How long have you been on Bupropion and do you feel you need more and more and more as time goes on?

4. I am having a hard time figuring out if my depression is "clinical" or caused by some deep rooted issues I'm unaware of. Has Bupropion helped you figure out what the causes of your depression in your life?