I have been on vicodin for about 9 months to a year. Starting slowly with 5's I took for about 7 months. no more than 60 per month (20 day supply) 3 day. except i would run out at about day 16 after 4 months i figure the average was 3.5 a day. then my Dr raised my dose to 7.5 at 3 a day. a month ago I had surgery while out of state and the Dr prescribed 5's about 10 2x's i took those and my normal prescription. (1.1/2 months) I had been say I wanted off. so 4 days ago I too 1/2 a pill (7.5) in the afternoon about 1:30 1/2 about 8:30 did fine. The next day I decided I would wait as long as I could. I maid it till 7:30 and where i took 1/2 and went to bed. on the third day I took 1/4 at 11:30am and 1/4 at 5:30pm. today only 1/4 at 8:30 am will I still have extreme detox with drawl if I quit on Monday completely and bring it down again to 1/8 x2 tomorrow.