I am a 20 year old male, and I believe that I may suffer from a type of panic disorder. There are times where I have these irrational thoughts about my future. I recently got my first "D" EVER (including high school and middle school) in one of the hardest econ classes at my university (which is a well known and prestigious schools) and when I received it I just had these unrelenting thoughts that I will never be successful in life and I will not be able to obtain a job and I have constant fears that I will be some homeless scrub. I know how crazy it sounds but these thoughts have kept me up at night as well as affecting my eating habits as I have lost 10 lbs in a month because I could not eat because of these thoughts. This is just one of my most recent episodes as there have been many other situations which have brought on the same type of overwhelming emotional instability. My family is fairly well off, but I cannot keep these thoughts out of my head. They seem to overwhelm me at times and keep me from socializing with my best friends. These thoughts and self loathing have been a part of my past but I keep it bottled up because I do not like bothering other people with my problems and I do not exactly know how to approach them about this, but sometimes it gets too overwhelming and I breakdown during encounters with other peoples emotional scenarios (I tear up and get emotional during almost any type of sentimental gesture). I am just wondering if this is something that could be treated with prescription drugs or if there is another way that I could go about solving my problems. I do not want to come across as a drug seeker to my GP but I do not know what else to do and these thoughts and unrelenting anxiety are just something that I am having a lot of trouble dealing with especially during this time in my life because I have gone through a really rough patch and it feels like the whole world is crumbling beneath me. So would my best course of action be to talk to my GP about some type of medication that may help? (I am extremely self conscious and have not even told my family about this) PLEASE!! any advice would be helpful!! Thanks! I have not been diagnosed with any type of disorder or anything but after copious amounts of research it seems that I may suffer from a panic disorder