I had previously taken Prozac for post natal depression after my 3rd child. For 7 years I took it on and off for bouts of depression. It worked well but the fact I was unable to orgasm and lost my libido affected my relationship with my husband. Last year my mother was diagnosed with cancer and my husband had an affair and my dr increased my dose. I suffered with terrible sweats and early morning wakening with a feeling of panic. My GP prescribed 150mg of trazodone (she felt this was less likely to affect libido) to be taken in the evening, it helps with sleep but I still wake up with an unbearable feeling of Depression. The GP has recommended upping the dose to 300mg. This seems a high dose. I am worried about drowsiness and inorgasmia. I'd like to hear other users experiences about trazodone's effectiveness to treat depression and if it's less likely to cause sexual side effects in women like I experienced with Prozac.