HI Robert and everyone. I haven't been in these forums since June when I was struggling with the induction. Been on 16 mgs from the start. Hate it but scared to go off them because of pain. But now since I have been dx with gout, I really believe that subs had something to do with it. I am in so much pain and my doc will begin weaning me this week. Robert, I'm also on Coumadin... and I know you are so well read and experienced so I wonder if you can help with a question? Mainly, since I have noticed that the subs made my joints hurt like hell and my feet swell since being on them, do you think it can bring on gout? I've never had it before now, I tested positive for the blood test they use (measures uric acid in blood) and I wonder if even though you aren't a coumadin expert, can you help me investigate whether or not coumadin worsens gout symptoms? I ask this because I read that aspirin makes gout worse since its a blood thinner, so I logically think that coumadin must do ten times the damage. Thanks Robert, gosh. I forget how to message you personally. Sorry... and yes, I have your taper and intend on following it. My doc is open to it as well as he says none of the doctors really have any training on this drug and he'll value what other people are finding to be true when it comes time to taper. Also, SUBOXONE DISCOUNT 75 OFF CARDS... I am self pay and can only afford one weeks worth at a time, and the company won't let me use the card anymore. A message comes back that I've been using the card too much for the discount. Also... does anyone out there see the very big difference with the strips in the last month or so? Like that they are thinner and so brittle now that they break even before the package is opened. Not only that, remember how they warned us (clever of them since the patten was expiring) how the strips are actually stronger than the tabs? Does anyone else out there see why the created the (uber) film strips that are waaay stronger than the tabs and gave us all a discount card so we wont go to any generics that they may come out with? Only now, a few months later, the strips are def way weaker. To me, it appears that they are really trying to get us hooked big time by letting everyone know that they are quite stronger than the SL tabs? It's all about marketing and addicting as many of us as they can.