Doc perscribed me Allpureinol since taking this I have had horrific gout attacks. He told me it will break up the crystals and I may have some pain. Well i have had at least 10 gout attacks in the last month that brought me to tears in the store that I couldn't control. so I quit taking it. He said your not suppose to. He said he would raise the mg from 100 to 300 and I said no. Why would I want to continue to take something that gives me attacks. He also will not give me pain pills, I have had kidney stones and the other day I had a bowel movement that felt like pure glass with the toilet full of blood. I also need 2 joint replacements and surgery on my back for spinal stenosis, bulging disks pinched nerves & L4 & L5 out of line. So I am always in pain anyway & get shots in both knees & in my spine. I only eat fruit & veggies & drink tons of water. Can some one give me any suggestions?