I was eating beltfish, which is a very thin and long fish. Bones are very narrow and thin. I realized I had at least one bone stuck in my throat. I knew for sure that it was stuck because I felt it. I did some gagging and etc. and two .5~1inch bones came out.

Now, I do not feel that sensation of bone stuck in my throat anymore; however, I do feel some discomfort in my throat. I am not sure it is because I gagged too much to find out to see if it was a bone stuck in my throat, or damage caused by bone getting stuck on my throat. I feel virtually no pain whatsoever, but I am very annoyed by this feeling. It has been 24 hours. There is no blood, no problem breathing. My throat is more sore now, but I think it is because I was trying to clear my throat all day.

I wish I can go and just get this checked out, but I do not have insurance and I feel like the hospital is going to charge me enormous amount of money for their service.

I tried most of the home remedies even though, they are not recommended by doctors.

Anyone felt this way after taking out fishbone out of your throat? I do not feel enough pain to make me feel like fishbone is stuck on my throat, but I feel enough discomfort to get annoyed by it. Any recommendation on what I should do? How much does it cost for removal?