Ive only been on suboxone for about 4 days now, for a long time addiction to Hydrocodone. On average i was taking about 45mg three to four times a day so... (140-180mg daily). The doc wants me to take 16mg of subx a day, and ive found that seems to feel to strong to me, so ive lowered down to 12mg a day. Im having good results as far as no cravings, and i know i might be jumping the gun but i cant get any answers out of my doc so here it is... How long is the typical person on suboxone before they start to lower their dosage to begin the taper?? The impression im getting from my doc is that i shouldnt be worried bout that, but its just a question and i feel he should be answering all of them as this is my first time in the 10 yrs of abuse that ive had any kind of treatment. Hes not interested in anything but sticking to the script on the teleprompter it seems like. Not helping me at all. If theres an average answer to this question id love to know, how long at a steady dose before the taper regiment starts.And also is a 16 week suboxone program unheard of, or is that reasonable? My doc leads me to believe i need to be on Subx for a long time, and i dont want that. Thanks everyone, Brian