Read my previous questions, you can kind of tell what the problem is. Well, the headaches are EVERYDAY and they get bad, but it seems to be nerve related but the main spot that often hurts is the lower right part of my head, kind of on my spinal cord. After falling out of a moving vehicle three weeks ago, going maybe 9mph, my back has been hurting really bad. I always go to the E.R when I think something is really wrong but my spouse is getting really annoyed. Well, my stomach seems like it is tearing apart, or like burning apart, i don't know how to explain it and i get pain in my ribs sometimes. I use 4 mg clonzapan a day (2 morning two at night) I take probably six norco a day but am trying to cut back on them because i don't know if some of these symptoms are from that. I am scared for my life and i just had a baby and i want to enjoy the rest of it! Please, someone has to have an explanation. Please. The headaches are like pressure in my head. severely. Like i have to pop my ears, but i can't and my neck is SO sore but that only happened lately. HELP!!!