I have a pretty serious injury in my neck. I was prescribed vicoden 500mg for aprox one year. Honestly, I wasnt getting much relief but I was new to the world of pain relief and didnt know if I was ever going to get relief or if there was anything stronger then vicoden out there.
Suddenly, due to a very poor report from an MRI i was prescribed Opana ER for pain relief. WOW I felt like i was let out of jail. I was able to do all of the things that the injury had prevented me from doing over the past few years. My dosage was increased from 10 mg ER to 20mg ER and i was completely content. I was offered a stronger dose then the 20mg and refused because it was working so well. I remained on the 20mg for aprox 1 1/2 years.MY problem is this, now the company that makes the OPANA has changed the formula. To the point, its not working. I dont have hardly any pain relief. I need to know what i can talk to my pain management Dr. about, what drug can i ask for that works equally as good or better then the opana? I need relief now and I dont want to go in to the apt not having any idea what she is offering me and if its going to work. i cant do this for another month. i cant. i am miserable and this has been a horrible setback.
please help my apt is in one week. im so sore and im not getting any sleep.