Here goes: My doctor just prescribed Cipralex at 10 mg a day for MDD. Depression and anxiety are in my family; I've had it in what I consider mild to moderate form most of my life. I've read a number of reviews on different forums (I like this one!) and am apprehensive about starting this med, since years ago, the same doctor prescribed Prozac and Paxil. I couldn't and wouldn't wait it out with either of those since the major side-effect was a greatly increased, debilitating depression. I've been on lowest dose of Clonazepam for several years which worked but now have to concede that while it's a great band-aid, I have to try to fix the underlying issues. I know that side-effects will differ for everyone, but I'm thinking better to start this med on low dose and increase if necessary. One of my concerns is headaches; I've also had migraines most of my life (female, 40's). My follow-up is scheduled in 3 weeks; it seems that this med is much faster-acting than others, which is another concern. Hope I've provided enough info and appreciate feedback. Thanks.