This is for Menieres disease. I did not get here overnight, it was in steps first 2mgs, then 2.5mgs, then 5 mgs, then 10 mgs 3 times a day now 10 mgs 4 times per day. I have at least 1 really bad dizzy attack a day which is of course not normal. The doctor also added 10mgs a day of Buspar to aid with anxiety. Unfortunately I still get the attacks everyday. They have had me measure my blood glucose 3 times a day to see if this is the issue, it is not. They also have me check my blood pressure which sometimes drops to low side but not alarmingly low 108/58 and such is about as low as I see. My question is that a lot of people with Menieres tell me that Xanax or Klonopin would be a better choice, but would I have to gradually come off the valium first or could I just switch. The drugs seem to be in the same class so if they would help me more but with less I would be happy. I would be happy to not have a dizzy spell everyday. The doctor has me currently taking another round of Decadron injections but after the second injection, I am not seeing any relief. Any ideas or thoughts.