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What is a good prescription sleep aid?

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90xRay 23 Oct 2013

There are several good options available. But, your medical background would be needed in order to know what might work best for you. Typically, I recommend patients to start by simply trying Melatonin 5mg 20 minutes prior to bedtime. This is a safe and natural method to aid in sleep. I would suggest that prior to any sleep medication.

amlalone 23 Oct 2013

Thank you... I am goin in to my Dr. here soon! : )

emmysmom 23 Oct 2013
amlalone 23 Oct 2013

Thats what my friend takes... she said she dosnt get a sleep aid hang over. I have been taking tylenol & that new nyquil zzzzz... they both give me anxioty & nightmeres! : ( Going to see my Dr soon!

Delila 27 Oct 2013

Zopiclone are very good for short term use, but they can be habit forming, so you should only be prescribed a week or so, to get your sleep rhythm back on track. Otherwise, as already recommended, Melatonin can be very helpful. I had very good sucess with them in the past. Depending on which country you live in though, they are not available to buy in the UK... free discount card

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