I am a new user and really looking for some help. I crashed on my dirtbike about 3 years ago and suffered a compression fracture and herniated disks that have caused horrible chronic pain. My healthcare is kaiser Permanente and they sent me to their pain management doctors and they haven't done anything for me and don't understand my pain. I have done everything they have asked of me- physical therapy, massage therapy, spinal injections, an opperation, and even went through detox because they thought maybe the pain meds were causing my pain!!! It is a joke. I know what medicine works well for me after dealing with all this. I have basically been on everything. I am looking for a PM doctor who is ok with feeling comfortable writing prescriptions that I feel work best for me. The ones that work, I am already on just the dosage is too low. I was even on a higher dosage and I started feeling better so I told them I could go down now that it's worse they won't go back up! Any Idea of lineant doctors in orange county, ca that will work with me?

Thank you for the help!!!