... until March of last year. I was so blessed, that all I had to take was naproxen or Ultram for stiffness, until... First of all, remission is possible!!! The Enbrel didn't work & I am allergic to Humira. However, my Rheummie, was excited when Orencia became available in injection form. Yesterday was my first shot, other than minimal itching & feeling weak as water for about 6 hours post-Injection, I am so excited that maybe this is the one biologic for me. That, with the MTX injection every other week, I am hoping will be my magic combo... praying would be more like it as RA tx is so highly individualized. Now I am dealing with the pain. Naturally, the naproxen & Ultram are no longer effective. I have been on Exalgo with Norco for breakthrough. About a month ago, my dr switched me from Exalgo & prescribed a new med Nucynta, with oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Why did it not work??? It is classified as CII, which is beyond me. I need some input. The Norco no longer woks, unless I take 3 - I don't need all of that acetaminophen. I was researching transdermal systems, but the only one that I could fine close to being comparable to the Exalgo is Duragesic. Is there something available, not Butrans (it has antagonistic properties) other than Duragesic? I am not quite ready for something quite that strong. My husband is incredible & just wants me to be pain-free & productive. Any suggestions or recommendations would be so greatly appreciated