I'd like to know how I can possibly attain a prescription while waiting for a pain mgmt doctor to find a regiment for me. I've been taking Norco 7.5/325 a strong case of bursitis in the shoulder for pain along with migraines etc. and I've tried to avoid, "Doctor Shopping" but it seems I can't get any respect, regardless. I truly benefit from the relief even if its isn't a cure. I live in South Carolina as well, so it's a conservative driven region quick to stereotype. I know there are much worse pain scenarios on here but this has cost me entirely too much money just seeking a prescription. I've also had really sharp lower back pains that occur not daily but when they do, I have to really just chill for a sec. Plus I'm caring for a stage IV cancer sick father who can't walk and I have to help in and out of the shower daily along with other tasks that just simply require heavy usage of my shoulder. I do have a little tolerance since I've been taken Norco tablets for about 3 months... what should I do? I'm really frustrated. I have a few other things, Tramadol, Naproxen, etc. to help but Norco just gets the job done with no question and can also be called in since it's Class III.