I have a 13 year old son whose doctor put him on risperidone .50 mg once a day to help him sleep and slow thoughts down at night. Also hes on Prozac for depression same doctor prescribes both. Doctor said risperidone would be a temporary medicine but did not say how temporary. I would say hes been on it for a year. We have weaned him off the risperidone by cutting dose in half for 1 week then one week of taking .25mg dose every other day for 1.5 weeks then stopped. His attitude has completely changed. Argumentative and seems like he don't care about a whole lot. Doesn't seem to get a good sleep. Is there good alternative medicines that will help with sleep/racing thoughts at bed time? Also he has depression but is on Prozac and will continue to be. I will not put him back on risperidone for a few reasons but I just found out that it is a psychotic drug and that bothers me. He has depression issues and sleep issues and cannot shut his brain off at night but in my opinion and everyone that knows him he does not have any psychotic issues. Looking for something that is tried and tested or prefer it to be and something that doesn't have severe side effects but also want something that will help him stay focused sleep and slow down thought process at bedtime. Remember hes 13