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Good laxative to take while on prozac?

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Inactive 3 Nov 2012

Hello rabbithunter. Any laxative would do (whatever you feel comfortable with) regards pledge

Inactive 3 Nov 2012

Good morning Pledge.Hope you are having a good day today... Mary

rabbithunter 3 Nov 2012

Thanks for the input

Inactive 3 Nov 2012

And you as well Mary. Have a good one and you as well rabbithunter. Enjoy the weekend.

kaismama 3 Nov 2012

Sometimes increasing the fiber you eat and drinking alot of water will help you. A stool softener may help, like colace.

gypsygirl07 4 Nov 2012

Hi, I just wanted to reply to your question as I know how difficult it can be to get relief when you've tried all of the obvious. I was having quite the problem as well due to the meds I'm taking and my Dr. wrote me a prescription for Generlac, so maybe you could ask your Dr. about it. Apparently what I was told it's a natural laxative, I believe a product of lactose. But you can look it up on here and if you feel comfortible talk with your Doctor about it, as it is by prescription only. It really worked for me after not being able to go for 3 weeks! UHG!! Hope you get the relief you seek. free discount card

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