... Day... For over 10 years. I have terrible neuropathy from diabetes, without the tramadol relieve I can barely walk. I travel for work, 30 weeks a year, so my job would be in jeopardy as well without the tramadol. So, without warning, he won't refill them and he won't even return my calls. He phoned in a refill yesterday for my metformin, so I know he's around. These doctors are something else! I have about a 7 day supply left and a couple of bottles of vicodin, so I guess I can taper off... I think 200mg a day of tramadol is a small amount, so taper should be OK. Any ideas on what I should do? All the doctors have over-prescribed for years and are now running for the hills. But the bottom line is this... I will be damaged goods with tramadol... I seriously won't be able to work. I'm really in a bad spot