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What is a good drug for fur allergies?

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Anonymous 12 Jun 2012

Depends on your symptoms, if you are all stuffy, Sudafed is good, if your nose is running and you are sneezing, Benadryl is good. If you have allergic eyes,drops are available to stop the itchies. Or for your nose and sinuses, you could take a combo med to ease both symptoms. If you have a problem deciding, ask your favorite pharmacist.
Good luck during this allergy season.

Anonymous 14 Jun 2012

Ae you working around fur or do you have pets you don't want to part with? If I understand your question correctly you have an allegy to animals that have fur instead of hair? It is the dander you are allergic to. I have & am allergiec to amost anything you can name, & the best allergy med I have found is called Azelastine HCI. It's a nasal spray that you use every 12 hours, two sprays each nostril. It's also non-steroid which I really like. This is the generic of Astelin. I have used it for a number of years & for me it's the best & I have tried just about every kind on the market. Good luck to you, I know how miserable you must feel... free discount card

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