So I've been on the nexplanon for 3 years now. Although it's great for preventing pregnancy, I hated it really because of the bleeding. I bled non stop, and the side effects are worse than dealing with another pregnancy for 9 months. Me and my husband have been talking a lot here lately about trying for our third baby, BUT... at the same time we're not exactly ready because I'm going to school and he's planning on doing the same and we feel a baby would only complicate things. We want to be more prepared than we are now. He feels the same like me about the nexplanon and would like for me to come off of it instead of telling my obgyn that I'd like to get on another.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is are there any other options with birth control that I could try? I'm leaning towards pills, but then again pills aren't 100 percent either because I've heard too many women get pregnant on pills. And I don't really like the birth control that you have to insert down below because I've heard that it could move out of place. Judgement from my preferences, there really isn't much I can go on. Can anyone help me narrow my search for a new birth control method down?