I have suffered 3 years on Depo but continued to take it because ive enjoyed not having a period. Sad I know. I have every bad reaction, cystic acne, backacne, weight gain ( I cant remove my engagement ring to save my life ), depression, insomnia, anxiety, my bone density has weakened, etc. the list is really too long. I'm fed up and I want to get it out of my system. My ob/gyn doesn't listen or care and unfortunately I am in a small town so I don't really have many options. I have a family history of diabetes and breast cancer which I just learned should really have prevented my ob/gyn from ever putting me on Depo. I however I used to have severe periods with an average clot size of a quarter - it really sucked. So I need a birth control to help with my period but will bring back the old me. Is there a good birth control that can help with my periods but get rid of the horrible side effects I've been dealing with ? I've thought about just not taking any until I have gotten the Depo out of my system however my ob/gyn wont hear of it and insists I choose another birth control option. I don't have a family doctor to talk to because she was moved to a larger city. I chose a new doctor however thanks to the new insurance laws I actually have no doctor.