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It's good to be back! Hope you remember me. Does Pledge still make the coffee around here! ;-)?

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LaurieShay 2 Mar 2013

Hey reallymel,

Danish is ready and waiting and expecting Pledgy to make some hot java for all. Great to have you back.


smileyhappy 2 Mar 2013

Welcome back ReallyMel! I'm sure he would not mind putting on the coffee if we all bring goodies! I'll bring cinnamin buns!

Inactive 2 Mar 2013

Welcome back ReallyMel. Glad to see you again. Yes, coffee is perking away as we speak. Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy the java and the goodies.

wanthelp52 20 Aug 2013

Is anyone active on this site anymore? I can not find anything recent & could use the support

Dumpster Diver 2 Mar 2013

Hi ReallyMel, don't know ya, but glad you are back. I love coffee! `DD`

angel1662 3 Mar 2013

hello ReallyMe,
Just want to say hello, I don't no u but am hoping in time we can be friends feel free to add me to your friends list, I have been on this site for about a yr... and I love coffe to and cinnamin buns and all the stuff I shouldn't be eating... lol but all in moderation... welcome home... hoping to be a good friend...

pamee 3 Mar 2013

Hello ReallyMe! I don't know you, but wanted to say hello and welcome back! I would love a cuppa coffee! Pledge where are you? Lol

May you have a great Sunday!


Inactive 3 Mar 2013

Glad to know you and Pledge are Friends. Yes, isn't this a great sight with great people. Some who's been around from the beginning. That's how awesome this site is... right? Ruthie

Inactive 3 Mar 2013

Email coming sweet Pamee. You awesome friend you! Ruthie

MacIntosh12 4 Mar 2013

ReallyMel??? From MI, THAT Reallymel? Is it actually YOU?
Girl, where have you been?
Lara (sweet lemon)

Taller 16 Apr 2013

Yeah, it's me the one and only. New name my Irish friend?

Taller 16 Apr 2013

Taller now. Getting rid of the Really Mel. Just to be extra confusing!

Kitty 25 Aug 2013

Hi ReallyMel I'm new also and don't know you but welcome back. I've met some great people on this site. What should I do ... I don't drink coffee? free discount card

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