I've been taking clonazepam (chill pills) for some 12 years, initially to keep my stomach from getting upset/nausea. So far it's worked great. I take between 1-2 mg on less stressful days to 5-6 mg/day when I get upset.

Over the past few months I've developed lack of ambition, short term memory loss (phone numbers, whether I've done something, etc). My primary doctor (can't see a shrink) has tried several anti-depressants with either no effect or dizziness with Wellbutrin. My primary doc has pretty much given me the choice of anti-depressant to try. The main thing I'd like to overcome is the lack of ambition (I'd rather lay in bed and watch tv).

Can anyone recommend a good anti-depressant which would COMPLIMENT the clonazepam?