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What is good anti convulsunt tab to use in emergency epilepsy(quickly acting tab)?

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Inactive 13 Apr 2012

Valium suppository or liquid formulation. Some might argue Ativan IV is the very best, but then, that's not a tab, it's for injection.

Roxy Poxy 14 Apr 2012

Ativan is subliminal- put under tongue and dissloves and gets into the blood system quickly - less embrassing for the patient than a suppository but perhaps not quite as effective. Also the patient must be able to put the pill under his/her tongue as no one else should have fingers in the mouth - especially during a seizure. Supositories are often used in children or if the adult patient is not coherent enough to take Ativan correctly. It relaxes the brain activity. Works quite well at 1 or 2 mg.

Inactive 14 Apr 2012

Sub-lingual... subliminal mean only apparent or seen by the subconscious. Also, Ativan is not formulated to be quickly dissolved under the tongue, only Valium and Klonopin are. Ativan dose not come in suppository form. Most importantly, Ativan is of a unique nature among benzos, and is only intended to treat anxiety and as a preoperative sedative, it has little to no benefit to someone having a seizure. You need to check your sources.

Roxy Poxy 18 Apr 2012

Sorry for the typo. Ativan is sublingual and taken under the tongue as a tablet or can be injected. My daughter and other epileptics she knows
(being treated by different neurologists) have been given this both in hospital and by prescription to calm the brain activity when having generalized or multple seizures. It really does help and has saved some emergency trips to hospital. It does not come in suppository form but the pill form is quick and easy to administer once the patient is conscious and can place under his/her tongue. It works failrly quickly, but sometimes the patient may need more than 1 mg. It does make one tired. free discount card

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