and panic attack ,we got a union at work and ,im fulltime and have benefits im planning to quit coz i afraid it might happen again. im really upset with my health now .i have high blood and kidney disorder which is cause by kidney cancer which i have a surgery in 2011. now im worried again ,got a letter from the company about my return to work .i was accepted again from the ER because of anxiety and panic attack which cause me of almost cardiac arrest. il be having my psychiatric consultation. i dont know what to do now if i wont return to work ? do i get benefits from work when its not my fault getting anxiety and panic attack coz of harassment by a supervisor? do i need to file case from ministry of labor for this ? please help me
i don"t know what to do now .im in a short term disability now.
do i need to quit or apply medical report .
please help me and my family we are now in financial in need.
god bless