I put the question marks to make it the form of a question because I thought that was what I was supposed to do???
Anyway... the 2mg of sub three times a day seems to be working. My cravings are absolutely GONE and my back pain is a little better.
Thank you all for your comments re: my fear of going up on the dose. And Patti... thank you for your comment that made it "OK.". I was really feeling guilty about doing it. And Coby... this is not to belittle your comment... I know the reasons why... and I respect them... so please don't think I am downplaying your input. I do plan to go back down to 2 mg twice a day after my nerve ablation... it has to be done in three stages--three separate procedures... I am off on Fridays so I will likely have them on the next three Fridays.
Anyway... I wanted to also tell you about my "life coach" who comes with the treatment plan by my doc--- very good set- up I might add. I am very impressed with my doc's treatment plan. This woman, Erinne, was absolutely wonderful. She could be a soulmate of mine... that is how well we clicked. Her specialty is the brain and how these chemicals affect our brains which is right down my alley, so to speak, and where these chemicals affect us. It was a wonderful and very positive experience and therapy session. And it makes a case for why therapy with an addiction specialist is so beneficial and necessary in coming clean off these substances that controlled our lives for so long. I will keep you all updated on how these sessions go especially on things that might be beneficial to the group.
So... that is it for now.
I must say, even though I am excited about having my new puppy... i am quite melancholy today as I watch all of the programs today remembering 9/11 on it's 10th anniversary. They bring me back to that dreadful day when our wonderful country was attacked and so many lives were stolen senselessly that day. May God Bless America and keep her safe...
So guys... I hope that everyone has a good Sunday. I now am off to do my chores that I have been procrastinating long enough!!!
Hugs and Blessings to all of you... pup