Hi guys... I went to my one week follow up appointment today and my doc wants me to go up to 2mg 3x/day instead of twice a day. I told him that I still had minor cravings and that my back pain is worse not being on all of those vicodins. I really don't know if I want to do this and would like the group's opinion. My cravings are really minor but he tells me that cravings albeit minor ones are the standard by which to know to increase sub??
My back pain is due to 1) having unstable SI joints which cause hot, burning and aching down my butt, my groin, and down to my knee and sometimes my ankles, and 2) having a tear and partial herniation at L4-5 level of my spinal column. The subs have helped the pain a little. I get massages when I can fit them in and am religious about Pilates which does help also. And... I am scheduled to have a nerve ablation which should have a tremendous relief... I have to schedule this procedure but think I can have it in a couple of weeks.
So... with all of that info... what do you think???
I look forward to the responses of my most wonderful, compassionate, and knowledgeable friends in the DC community.
Thanks in advance for your help... blessings to you all with hugs... pup