Hi everyone. For the past three yrs I've been on rx oxy. For the past yr high doses because of tolerance. I take it as prescribed, and often try to take less, but I'm physically, and possibly psych hooked to gills.
At first it gave me energy and I functioned better tban ever, but for the past yr + Ive felt sooo sick. Be ause my tolerance is up, and I don't want to increase dose, I'm in more pain than ever and have a slew of new health concerns... not to mention depression and anxiety over the guilt of taking so much meds.
stopped menstrating, gained twenty pounds of cellulite and and energy.
I have two amazing kiddos and a husband that has lost respect for me because I've basically checked out of life.
Christmas eve, I hit the wall. I don't want this anymore. I wNt my life back... want to have energy and be able to function. Do I feel so sick because of tve pills?
Didn't take the contin today... felt terrible even with the codone. Id say my mg dose was halved today.
Read up to suboxone and am going in omorrow to give it a shot.
Scared... worried that ill have a bad reaction and keel over while trying to get better. Is that crazy?? What can I expect? Safe?
Thankyou so much for your time.
-a desperate 32yr old wife and mama