I suffer with chronic pain daily due to my back. I've been on MsCotin and Morphine for years. But, since my husband walked out on me I no longer have health insurance or prescription. I will be able to get on Medicare in October, but thats a long eight months away. So, since I cannot afford the out of pocket expense, my Dr has decided to put me on Methadone instead. I am scared of my withdrawals, how bad will they be? Does Methadone also help with chronic pain? I am so tired of chronic pain, depression, and just not wanting to do anything. My life has gone to the birds since my back issues. My pain is T8-9 in the Thoratic area. I had back surgery which was risky they said due to it being the core of the body. I don't know, I have been reading y'alls post and I can only pray that it will be the answer to my prayers at having a decent life. I want my life back. I want my energy back. Hell, I want to wake up without pain. I also have osteoarthritis, fybermyalgia, and the Degenerative Disk Diease. I used to take Lyrica, which I love..but now I'm going on a generic form of it called Gabatpentin. It sucks when you don't have any type of insurance. I already live off a limited disability check, and now I hv to pay full price for meds.