Had a bad experience with first doc and now I'm trying someone new can she get get the results from him? If there is any... didn't look like he did a print out or anything,he avoided my insurance because I'm high deductible and want all cash up front.horrible experience.me and the billing lady had a dispute because she said I had to pay 650 cash up front for my injections when the place down the road said it was 100.so now I'm trying a new doctor,hopefully one who isn't more interested in money than helping me with my back.I have 2 bulging lower discs by the way,confirmed with an EMG.he also wrote me a rx for hydrocodone,week supply.but I cancelled all appointments with him and am no longer his patient,am I within the law as far as doctor shopping and all that?

Any help is great help as I am new to this.
Thanks in advance.