I have a huge concern at this point in my pregnancy. I'm 32 weeks and my
sugar levels are at a range my midwives aren't quite comfortable with.
They're not very high at all, but they are a bit above "normal". My last 2 tests
were great - 88 after 2 hours and 117 after 1 hour after eating. They are
more concerned for the long term, since my a1c Hb is 5.8. There are many
conflicting thoughts on normal a1c levels, as I've researched.

Anyway, glyburide is a category B and C drug, depending upon which drug you take. I know the potential risks of having unstable sugar levels for the
baby (such as larger baby due to producing more insulin, which can effect
vaginal delivery if baby is too big, jaundice, hypoglycemia... ), but I also
have been reading a lot on the medicine.

But because I'm just above where I need to be (in the long term), I have many doubts about this drug since some sources say it does cross the placenta, and animals' babies were negatively affected, while others say it doesn't and so much more conflicting information. I don't know what to think. I do know I don't want to cause short or long term harm to my baby, of course. Which is more beneficial?? I'm very nervous about this.

Anyone been on this medicine while pregnant or know someone who has? How have they been? How was the baby during and after delivery? Any issues with the baby?

Please help if you can. THANKS!