A recent research found that when that in the 2 first days of fasting (dry fatsing) you will have a slight hypoglycemia because of the insulin hormone in our blood, then after the first 2 days of dry fasting the glycemia increases due to the formation of glucagon hormone. the Question is: the glucagon takes 2 days to be libirated in blood unlike other hormones,why?

Here is the part of the article,where they are talking about the 2 to 3 days delay of glucagon :

….-when we are talking about hormones, fasting causes an inversion of insulin and glucagon cycles. In usual times (not fasting), after each food intake or sweetened beverage, our bodies secretes insulin, a hormone that allows sugar (glucose) to enter the cells that is used to generate the necessary energy for their operations, the remainder is stored in the liver and muscles. During the first two or three days of fasting, sugar levels decreases in the blood (Hypoglycemia), it is manifested by a feeling of hunger. The following days, there is a reversal in the hormonal system, insulin whose activity was predominant the rest of the year will give way to glucagon (a hormone with antagonist effect to insulin). Glucagon will increase glucose in the blood and make it available to the cells, which will drain bit by bit reserves of the body, including fat.Glucagon actions will reduce the feeling of hunger….

P.S: they are talking about 30 days fasting(no food and no water), each day the fast is from dawn to dusk.

this is what they say in that article about the 2 to 3 days turnover, which I would like to know why?

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