I saw an uncle having a seizure this afternoon and in an emergency situation as I was passing by and I saw that there were blood oozing out from his mouth and upon confirming with the man beside this uncle that he was having a seizure , I told them that I have Xanax with me and stated that it might help calm the uncle down as they were only in the midst of calling the ambulance. I explained to them that it is only to calm him and also ask whether he wants the uncle to consume it whilst waiting , the man quickly gave the uncle the tablet and the uncle quickly chew and let the med set in. I also gave the man my medicine wrapper stating the info they would need to acknowledge what the uncle has consumed prior to being admitted to the hospital.
I was worried death as I NVR thought it might have any effect on the uncle.
Can I actually do this ? Have I done right or wrong?
I was asking Mr Google and came upon this page just to get the answer if in any case should I ever come upon this situation, I won't do the wrong thing
Thank you and eagerly awaiting your reply.