I had a talk with my Neurologist yesterday, because the pain is just to much for me to handle. I know I am strong and can put up with a lot as most of you know. But something has got to give with this pain which has been going on for far to long and it is starting to scare me a bit. I try to stay positive as much as I can, but I guess even the strong ones have to give in from time to time. Sorry guys I just need to vent to anyone who wants to listen. I just feel I am cracking a little under all this stress, and not been able to go out and enjoy the lovely sunshine we are having which I would normally do, just makes me want to go out even more, but I can't because the sunshine just makes things worse, even though I had special glasses made to help with the sunshine, but it still make my head hurt more. Having to spend weeks in the hospital where the treatment takes such a toll on my body, and is just an unhappy time and takes a lot for me to agree to go into hospital knowing this is just going to be horrible again gets harder and harder to do and agree to. Plus I just can not understand why nothing seems to help this Migraine, for more then a few weeks. So my Dr wants to admit me into the hospital again this coming Monday, for another round of DHE for the Migraine headaches. So if any of you want to help me through the long week ahead, would be great. But I don't want this to bring anyone else down, but I will still try and comment on the site when I can in the hospital. Thanks for listening, Liz.