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Can I give Mobic to my 85# dog. She has arthritis and the medicine her vet gave her is... expensiv?

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WildcatVet 2 Jun 2016

Hi, Becky! Mobic is a generic drug which means the actual drug content can vary by as much as 20% meaning a 100mg tablet could contain 80mg, 100mg, or even 120mg. This makes it extremely difficult to dose a canine as the margin of safety is very slim. Even slight overdoses could result in stomach upsets, diarrhea, seizures, stomach ulcers, and in the extreme, liver and kidney damage.
Have your veterinarian calculate a dosage based on your dog's age, weight and medical history and be alert for any signs of distress such as increased thirst/urination, pale gums, and jaundice.
Best wishes, WildcatVet

DzooBaby 3 Jun 2016

Actually Meloxicam is the generic. Mobic is a brand name.

WildcatVet 3 Jun 2016

It is not veterinary formulated... and don't forget Metacam.

Nattjenta 3 Jun 2016

I have a Black Lab who is 15 and is almost 70 pounds. She has severe arthritis in her front and back legs. She can't bend them at all. But her heart would be broken if we took walks without her. I got the OK from my vet to use ibuprofen on her. I crush two tabs every morning and mix it with her food. It helps he so much more than any "official dog medicine" does. There is a dosing chart. But at 85 pounds I'm sure you could give her two 100 MG tabs. Hope this helps. free discount card

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