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Please give me some good feedback on Prozac. I scared myself to death with online reviews. Help?

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Inactive 2 Jun 2017

I've been on Lovan (generic Prozac) for 3 months now and it is brilliant at 30mg. Started out with Lexapro for 3 weeks prior to switching and had an awful time with side effects so made the switch. Prozac for me took about 3 weeks to start having an effect and every week just kept getting better and better and stabilised at about week 9. No bad side effects aside from shallow sleep every now and then. But everyone gets a different experience on SSRIs so you may need to give it some time and see how it goes.

GinaBina89 3 Jun 2017

It's like I can't stop reading all the terrible stories about this drug. Like the fear of going crazy and doing something terrible scares me! I'm literally having anxiety about this and I'm only on day 4.

luke uno 5 Jun 2017

I know how that goes but SSRI's in general are safe drugs when taken at recommended dosages. It acts on more transmitters the other SSRI's and is probably the most activating drug in the category but in a smooth way (clear headed positive feeling) don't listen to all the crap about it being toxic due to Fluorine, the Fluorine atoms are bonded and can't hurt you. Give it a shot and I bet in a month you'll be happy you did.

Stephen Treloar 5 Jun 2017

Everyone might do well to add "In their opinion" as nothing is a given. Promises? I wouldn't make a bet on those odds so take that as you will. I am only going to give you my tired response; around two thirds of people report a positive experience with Prozac and almost the same clinical results from most other SSRI's. Prozac is in no way special; it's just the oldest of drug of its class in non tri-cyclic form.

Windchimes123 5 Jun 2017

Hi Gina,
This does not just apply to Prozac but any medication.
Do YOU trust your doctor?
Is he/she going to listen to you when you have problems exactly like this ?
Education is great. I commend you for not going blindly into treatment.
However, some personality types (anxiety-prone) may do better by NOT researching.
Remember that this site is for people giving personal experiences which is great!
You are getting non-medical advice.
Many are nurses, pharmacists, etc...
But we are acting in a non-professional role.
It may be helpful to have a family member or best friend, especially if they are in health care, read these articles for you and relay them to you.
It cuts down on the anxiety not to actually see the words.
Next... talk to your doctor about your concerns.
He will appreciate that you came well-prepared and more likely to go into details one by one.
An educated patient makes a great patient !
Best wishes
:-) free discount card

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