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What can I give my dog to stop sctratching so much?

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Stephen Treloar 1 Jun 2015

Start with flea control. You can get pills that gets into the dogs blood; the fleas drink the blood but lay sterile eggs. This is good because fleas just drop off the animal when they have drunk enough and then lay sterile eggs so where your dogs go, fleas die (a suburban block will be totally cleared within 60 days, during summer, and stay free for quite some time). While you are waiting for the fleas to die off use that ointment/oily stuff you put at the back of your dogs head (this will not control fleas on your property or house).
Flea collars are useless; like patching the Titanic with bandaids.

kaismama 1 Jun 2015

Gee Stephen you got me laughing again. Love the flea collar comment.

kaismama 1 Jun 2015

You have to figure out why. Does he have fleas, or dry skin. Is he allergic to something? I used to give a dog I had with dry skin wheat germ oil in her food and that helped her. free discount card

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