To give people a ideal of the cost involved.
January 18, 2013

Klonopin - prescribed for anxiety free or what insurance requires you to pay.
Xanax – prescribed for anxiety free or what insurance requires you to pay.
Water- To keep hydrated. Lots of it and any kind, free is what I used.
Sleep- as much as you can or need to.
Food- As much as you need or can consume. Cost varies but soups are encouraged. I already had Top Ramen soup so it was no cost to me. Ramen soups are 5 for a dollar at most places.
Sweets for snacks - due to one craves sweets during detox (Reese’s PB cups minis $2.78, Reese’s pieces $2.78, Hershey chocolate minis $2.78) total cost $8.34
Hot baths/ showers or Jacuzzi- for aches and pains, most of times free.
Imodium- generic or name brand over the counter at the supermarket for the runs. I used the fluid but you can also purchase pill form and I also used a generic brand (Equate) that has same ingredient. 4 fluid ounce bottle at Wal-Mart cost me $2.78
L-Tyrosine – 500 mg / 100 capsules at Vitamin World for Energy and mental well-being, $13.07 out the door.
Super B- Complex – I used Nature Made 140 count Tablets (contains B- 12, B-6, vitamin C and a few more ingredients) for energy. Cost me at Wal-Mart $6.94.
Multi- Vitamin- Brand is Nature Made Multi -Complete with Iron and calcium 60 count liquid soft Gels. For nutrients the body needs to be healthy. Cost at Wal-Mart is $6.94
Potassium Gluconate- (most times not found in the Multi- Vitamin) Spring Valley brand 100 caplets at Wall- Mart cost me $2.78
Valerian Root- To help aid in the promotion of sleep. The brand I used is Spring Valley Natural 100 capsules. At Wal-Mart cost me $3.94
Sleepytime Extra Tea- Made by Celestial to promote sleep and relaxation. Contains Valerian 25mg, Chamomile 600mg, and Tilia Estrella 160mg. Cost at Wal-Mart is $3.18 for a box of 20 count tea bag.

Total cost I paid for all ingredients for Thomas recipe to detox is $ 47.97 this does not include some tax so probably closer to a total of $50.00 all together and a lot of patients and time.
Thanks and hope it helps with an ideal