My surgeon told me today that I might end up with my upper lip and nose cut off from an atypical basal carcinoma. I had my recission today and lost part of my nose. She can feel that my right side of the face seems affected. I noticed that the carcinoma seemed to pop up in different places-I saw those lumps, but was hoping that it was just scar tissue where flesh joined together oddly.
I tried to get the original cancer removed for about 30 years. I tried to get the military to remove it. I went in as a self-pay patient with the cash to try to get civilian doctors to remove it. I tried at the university student health center. In May it started pressing on a nerve in my mouth, so my doctor wrote a referral. They thought it was a cyst until the biopsy. It's not supposed to spread, but it already has.
The recission today has set off pain in my mouth again today and in my cheek into my right ear. My surgeon cried when I told her of all the doctors that refused to remove it, because they considered it to be vanity.
Does anybody have advice? I don't think that I'm vain-but I don't want to look like Frankenstein---
On this site-I've joked if this biopsy isn't clean that I'd look like a ditch digger went to work on my face-but to loose my nose, my lips, part of my cheek?
Any advice- any experience with this?