My girlfriend and I had sex for the first time about three weeks ago. I wore an extra safe condom because I didn't want her to get pregnant. I didn't even cum in the condom, I jacked myself off because she was tired. Her period is a bit weird, at some point it would start at the first of the month, then the middle and then the end. Right now it's settled between the 18th and 27th. But she's worried, because she thinks she's pregnant. There isn't a way she could be right? Even with a condom, I didn't cum in her. She's been stressed, and we haven't seen each other in a week so she's sad about that. She's been having the emotional bit and told me about the cramps but they're mild so she doesn't count them. Anyone have any idea? She's really worried. Literally no cum went in side her, but why is her period late? I read somewhere that periods can change the first time you had sex. That was three weeks ago, we had sex three-ish days after her period ended. :) She told me right now she has lower back pain and cramps, while her left top thigh feels like it's cramping