So me and my gf had sex and the condom slipped about 1/4 of an inch after I came... I kept going for a couple seconds before it slipped.. After we had sex I noticed there was a whitish liquid on her thigh but i couldn't tell if it was from me or her. I got a little scared and bought the plan b pull which she took within 14 hours. About 6 hours after she took the pill we were kissing and she told me she got wet and went to the bathroom to clean up.. She came back telling me that there was a thick white fluid that she thought was cum.. I thought nothing of it until I did some reasearch and turns out that is one of the symptoms of pregnancy... Come 24 hours she tells me she is cramping bad but not too severe.. But no spotting and no period. Right now is about a week before her period is supposed to start so I thought maybe she was starting early. I just want answers and to stop worrying.. Thanks people.. God bless.