My Boyfriend has been going to the Meth clinic now for 3 years he was on 400mg a day, they have tapered him down to 180 a day over the last few months.
Now they are talking about putting him on Suboxone. What am i to expect? He was addicted to pain meds and thats why the methodone.
All of this is new to me pills were never my drug of choice and the whole thing just plain scares me to death. He missed a dose one weekend and thats was the worst weekend ever.
Everything i have read on here states he should be down to 30mg a day before going on the Sub, but hes at 180mg and they are talking about switching him over.? What is the Sub for are they trying to get him off the blockers all together.
I am dazed and confused from all the info i have read. And does this mean our personal life is gonna get better? He is also one that could care less about having sex and that really stinks.
What can i do to help? should i be talking to the docs also...
Someone please help me! Need guidance, and suggestions and info about what is going on...