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Why is my girlfriend constantly having migraine headaches more and more frequently?

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Mackintosh 4 Jun 2015

It would probably be the best idea for her to ask her primary care doctor/insurance company etc. for a referral to a Headache Specialist (a specialty under Neurology) if possible. Even so, she should see a general/family doctor asap.
Migraines can cause serious neurological issues and any worsening or change in migraines should be medically addressed asap. Best of luck!

SHEsevEN4 8 Jun 2015

She should see a Doctor and find out what's causing these headaches.

sara12345 11 Jul 2015

I completely agree with the other 2 postings. But in the meantime, if she is taking any kind of painkiller more than 3 days a week, she can be suffering from migraine rebounds which can keep coming indefinitely. That includes over the counter ones. If the migraines are severe, then she should go to the ER. Severe migraines can indicate a stroke. I had a stroke which was evidenced by some characteristically different and severe migraines that pain medication wouldn't help. free discount card

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