Ok. I had sex with this girl like I think 4 or 5 weeks ago, December 14th to be exact.. It was a one time fling thing. I used protection, I even switched out the condoms 3 times due to lack of lube during the session. I don't think I ejaculated. I mean I would know if I did right haha but I really don't think I did. In fear of condom breakage I still checked the condoms and filled them up with liquid just to check if any of the 3 has broken. But it was no leakage... Today January 12, she tells me ahe went to the Dr. And the Doctar says she's pregnant, that's what she tells me. Now I want to believe her because she's my friend and I don't think she'll play with me like that but then I also think well I don't remember ejaculating and we did use protection soooo yea... I'm stressing right now because it's like man she's super serious. Could she really be pregnant???