I have had leg pain (in one leg, my right) for over four years. It started with pain in my right knee. And then it progressed to my entire right leg. I have seen three doctors, multiple physical therapists and have had full blood tests, X-rays, and a complete physical workup. Next step in the Western canon was an MRI, which I cannot pay for up front (insurance is useless). I have been taking ginger for the last 8 weeks, and I a am new man. Explain to me how that is a placebo, vs. the NSAIDs my Dr.prescribed, that gave me severe ringing in ears as a side effect.. I would submit to surgery, if it was warranted, but a simple supplement (ginger)
has saved my day (and my life). I therefore have not much respect for the doctor (pill-pushing) profession at this point. Any real doctors are welcome to treat/diagnose/comment me from afar for no cost.